Saturday, 28 January 2012

When I was an Intern.

Okay.. Finally I have time to update my blog.. yahh Here are my works when I was still doing an internship after graduation. The first time that I have done illustration about business and financial topic. It was really difficult but challenging... These illustrations are from The European Business Review November - December 2011.. You can also read the article online (Click on the name).. Hope you find it's interesting!

On The Trail with the Idea Hunters

Getting a Job In 2025

Operationalising Excellence: Making it Happen – Part I

Cloud computing and mobility: Adjusting in a New World – From Threat to Ally

Redesigning Leadership: Design, Technology, Business + Life

Monday, 16 January 2012

Coming Soon...

New works are coming !!! Before that here are some updated news about ME!!

I've been working as an Illustrator at EBR Media Ltd. The European Business Review for almost 3 months! yeah! helloooo publishing world!!

Also I'd like to thank you my friend who introduced me to this job, Pinyada She's a talented Illustrator who is now studying at Kingston University. Have a look on her site!!

Soooo yeah.. stop doing children's books for a while.. finding some new experiences, starting new life and doing new styles... Hope you enjoy it!